In the beginning...

I started making jeans in December 2007, on winter break from school. I'd been boring my friends and classmates all semester with half baked ideas about how I was going to start making my own clothes, and now it was time to make good. Unfortunately a perfectly good pair of thrifted jeans was sacrificed to make the pattern, but them's the breaks.

I wasn't proud of them at first. The sewing process was a brutal five day fight and extremely humbling. I wasn't able to finish them for want of a button, so they sat in my closet until the summer.

When summer came I did start using them as work jeans for at my construction job. The job also let me upgrade equipment, get a few new machines and keep making new jeans. By the end of the summer I picked up a better machine and started sourcing better denim.

A Singer 31-36k from the 1940's.

The project was put on hold while I was abroad for fall 2008, but I wore these jeans long and hard and they're precious to me now. 7 months and 6 new passport stamps later they have many many memories etched into the indigo.


  1. Great stuff man! I got your link from F-I. I really like the jeans! How much $? I'd love to hear more about the process you used to get your pattern made. Did you sub it out to someone or hash it out yourself?

  2. Good job dude! Impressed. Keep going and put more stuff to your blog